What has it been? Its been a mere single semester and thus far it has been miraculous. I have seen myself expand as a write not just because of the writing requirements, but because of the broader understanding of what is important in written work. Things such as ethos, logos, and pathos had never crossed my mind when writing in the social media atmosphere. Usually the purpose of social media is to say what you want with no structure, but through this class I found the structure I never knew was missing.

This class taught me the important of keeping things written because they can always be archived and kept for history. half of what I reported on in my blog was from a few years ago and I never realized how important social media was at getting ideas out for people to think about. I truly owe all of this new-found knowledge to my arduous professor, Nidzara Pecenkovic. Without her, I would never had had my mind open to what we have explored. Taking this class has been my favorite all semester, and before I took it, English was my least favorite subject. That has forever changed thanks to Nidzara.

Marie Curie explains what Nidzara teaches best: “Nothing in life is to be feared: it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.”

THANK YOU NIDZARA! #amazingsemester


Coin: Is It A Penny Or A Silver Dollar?

Rather than talk about something from kickstarter this week, I want to discuss a revolutionary new piece of tech I first heard of through Facebook. This innovative invention is called Coin, no it is not those shiny things you find on the ground. The coin is a digital credit card (but tangible) and holds up to 8, yes I said 8, credit cards on its memory. So imagine one credit card in your wallet that can hold up to 8 separate cards.


It is very cool  because it is also accessible through your phone. All you do is download the app, then when you get the coin it comes with a square card reader that plugs into the iPhone. You then swipe the card and it connects it to the app and then you take a picture so that you know which card you are using. Then viola, it is stored onto Coin and you don’t have to carry around the credit card in your wallet.


The Coin allows for great security because we all know security is the most important thing when talking about money. Some cool privacy abilities this mechanical card has is that when the Coin loses connection to your phone, it automatically disables the card from use. On top of that, if you leave your card, let’s say at a restaurant, your phone will get an alert saying it is not with you. So no need to continue to worry about losing your cards! BUY THIS!

Netflix: The Ultimate Tool for Movie Viewing Convenience


Hi, my name is Amin Anjedani and this week I will be addressing you, Ben Gourley’s audience, as an expert on Netflix and all of the wonderful features it offers. I write my own blog titled “Netflix Instant Suggestions” where I make suggestions to my viewers about movies they should watch or avoid watching on Instant.

Netflix, for those of you who don’t know, is an incredibly useful and convenient tool that allows members to either receive DVD’s in the mail or watch on a variety of different platforms via their “Instant” feature.

Although there are greater options for movies if you choose to receive your movies in the mail, I generally use the Instant feature.

Instant is incredibly convenient as you can watch as many of the movies or TV shows that Netflix offers. And you can watch these programs from your TV, Xbox, computer etc.

For those of you who don’t have it, Netflix has a very low monthly fee, is incredibly convenient and offers some solid programs. I highly recommend becoming a member to anyone who even moderately enjoys watching movies or TV shows in general.

If you do decide to start using this great program I would also recommend following me on my blog (

Thanks again to Ben for allowing me to post on his awesome blog this week, I hope this was helpful!

FADER Boards: Are They High or Do They Have the Right Mindset?

This week I decided to change the scope of my item I am going to review. Rather than be a new piece of technology that makes life “more fun,” i wanted to do it on making our lives safe AND fun, whoda thunk it?! I came across the FADER boards when i was perusing through Kickstarter. It is a shortboard (kind of like a skateboard), but has wheels of a longboard along with the trucks and bearings to match.

FADER board

What is unique, and what caught my eye, is that the boards are illuminated by LED lights. This is not only a status statement, but a safe idea. I mean, I’m a college student who at late hours of the night, likes to roam around outside boarding to clear my head.  I don’t always wear reflective or bright colors when riding, which causes an unsafe riding environment because there are some stupid drivers out there, but that is besides the point. This revolutionary idea lights the boards wheels and bottom of the deck up, making riding safer. It isn’t just a safe idea, but it is also extremely cool because you have colored lights glowing underneath the board. 

FADER board in hand

The FADER board is also extremly portable. The entire point of a skateboard is to make life easy when traveling (and to be really cool), now it has been improved with its size. It is easy to travel with because it isn’t that big to lug around, Simple! I truly think that the company that made this board (Miami Fade), hit the right notes on this magnificent board!

Throwback #2

iPad original

Yes, I know, It’s that time again, time to throw it back to some great inventions. This time we are graduating from the iPod to the iPad. This is a nifty invention. It was envisioned by the now deceased Steve Jobs decades ago- who would have thought that he had this concept thought out in the 80’s? The iPad is a mixture between a phone and a TV, it is a touchscreen tablet that allows for computing and games.

Jobs’ visionary tablet would revolutionize an entirely new category into the market. Ever since Steve, yes I called him by his first name- we’re good friends you should know ;), started the iPad at least 5 other big name companies made their own; and they were prestigious brands such as Samsung and Microsoft! Who knows what apple has planned for the future especially without the big man in the reigns: you will be missed Mr. Jobs, I can’t wait to be in heaven and see what you have invented up there!

Bodyfly: Can it get off the ground?

As I was perusing through the Kickstarter website, I came across something that made me laugh. It was the Bodyfly. This contraption is a portable workout machine. I have never seen anything like this, and I think there is a reason for that. It is based on band resistance and is small and easily portability. Now, this blog isn’t just going to be about my thoughts about whether you should buy this or not (which I don’t think you should), but I’m going expose how this invention is the epitome of the 21st century minded human.

This invention represent the ideals of a materialistic Southern Californian (to be specific). Their minds are set on looking the best and having the best things. When I say looking the best, I mean that they have to have the carved six-pack abs, the toned legs, and the big chest. This is what the Bodyfly reminds me of, and it ain’t good. I see the only people to ever buy this being the Southern Californian moms or dads who have to always look their best because they are what they look like. Coincidentally, the Bodyfly was created in San Diego, the epitome of the Southern Californian materialistic person. Is there much more I need to say? I mean, for the people who are skeptical by my “stereotypying,” i added a video conducted as a random survey on stereotypes of Norcal vs. Socal. It’s not only accurate, but funny. Enjoy!

See for yourself here: